August 23, 2011

[Keihanshin] Osaka Universal Studios

August 22, 2011

Weather: Sunny (FINALLY)

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Location: Osaka - Universal City

Today was a special day. Why? Because we didn't have to wake up at 5:30 anymore!!! Instead, 6:30. Yeh I know, still early, but at least feel the joy of able-to-wake-up-one-hour-later with me okay???

So yeh, today's schedule was to play around ALL DAY in the Universal Studios Osaka. It sounds tiring eh? I thought so too; however, it somehow was the better days in this trip mainly because we didn't have to commute around on touring bus (I really hate sitting without doing anything).

We woke up and had our breakfast (of course). The food was good, and the hotel's restaurant was the only restaurant that had curry for breakfast!!!!! The curry was sweet Japanese style curry, and it was AWESOME!

After we had our breakfast, we went out and got ready for a 5-minute walk to Universal Studios.

The way to the amusement park was extremely beautiful; trees and safety islands were nicely designed and the side walks were wide enough so people wouldn't get exhausted from trying to squeeze their bodies into each other (this sounds nasty, isn't it?).

Way from Universal Port Hotel to Universal Studios

The walk was pretty short, as mentioned above. After about 5 or 6 minutes, we arrived at the main entrance. There was a huge Earth with logo "UNIVERSAL" near the gate and it was so cool because it SPINS!!! (I don't know where I got all those excitement from...)


There were A LOT OF people! Now I think of it, it is really an amazing coincidence for all people inside that small park thinking "yo let's go to Universal Studios on Aug 22nd, 2011 k?" or something. Also, WHERE THE HECK DID ALL THOSE PEOPLE COME FROM!?

Quit complaining. Lets continue.

There wasn't really much to talk about though. It was just going around the amusement park all day long and...lining up for rides (seriously, every lineup took us more than 1 hour. IT WAS FRUSTRATING!!!)

One of the streets

Crowdy entrance D=

Hmm, I guess I will just stop right here for the morning part of Universal Studios.

Oh and, because it was too hot, our lunch was a beautifully created (and delicious) mango frap!!


<Section 2>
Location: Osaka - Universal City

It was night already (what?!).

But the reason I pulled this part out to talk about is that, Universal Studios at night was SO BEAUTIFUL!

The huge globe at the entrance was also lighted with purplish color. The lighting design was just so good; the shopping street near the park was also amazing with the street design (even the advertisements look beautiful!!).

Entrance area near dark

Beautiful night view

Nice lighting

Beautiful entrance

The walkway of the shopping street =D

And at night, we ate ramen. RAMEN!!! IT'S RAMEN OMG!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOOOD!!!


Fried chicken~

Ramen with gyoza and chahan set~

Yeh it was REALLY good. I miss it. Very much. Seriously.

Also, in the shopping street, we saw Jump. JANPU!!! When watching Gintama (銀魂), I always thought Jump was just another weird magazine the comics made up; but it's REAL LOL!


We ended our day in a really cool REX Cafe inside our hotel; ordered a really sweet matcha latte ><

The cafe was cool because it was dinosaur themed; there were thousands of dino models in the shelves around the cafe =D

REX Cafe~

Lots of creepy dinos =D So cute~~~

Close shot at one of the dinos LOL

So yeh, this concludes today. See you around~!

Bonus content:


    that cafe with all the dinosaurs look creepy XD
    and the JUMP shop looks amazing LOL

  2. LOL you should come too, JUMP store was so much fun~lots of mangas and accessories =P
    The cafe actually makes good drinks; it's nice to go in there after a long day in the universal studios~
    and RAMEN >< need not to say more =D