December 27, 2011

[Montreal] Arrival, and the Night of Montreal Downtown

Waterloo, ON
Sky was still dark.

Waking up in the morning wasn't that bad, except for some very severe headache due to my insanity of not sleeping until 4:00.

Our plan was to meet at my friends' house at 9:00 and leave Waterloo right away.

I checked everything I had in my bag and made sure most appliances were switched off (for security reasons. Okay more for bill reasons). Locked the door, I stepped out of the apartment.

To be honest, I have no idea why I wrote this section, so lets jump right into the "after-arrival" part =P

Montreal, QC
The downtown Montreal was freezing.

Since it was already late when we arrived, we did not have much time to tour ourselves around the city. Instead, we went into two groups; me and another person went to meet our high school friend who is currently studying in McGill University; the other two went to China Town for dinner.

By the way, we were surprised that the China Town was just 3 minutes walk from our hotel; it was kind of embarrassing when we headed to the receptionist of the hotel and asked. LOL.

We met our friend in front of the McGill University, and we walked there in order to experience the night scene of Montreal downtown.

Beautiful Christmas decorations (I feel sorry for the guy who accidentally got caught by my camera...)

The McGill College Avenue, the road right in front of McGill University's entrance

Beautiful view even on the not-so-main-street street

Astonishing. I have never seen such a beautiful street view in my life. The city of Montreal is located in Quebec, which is a province strongly influenced by French culture. The buildings are therefore extremely European.

Coming from 1. Taipei, 2. Waterloo, 3. (Kinna) Toronto, I was easily amazed by the atmosphere. Taipei and Toronto are both consisted of buildings designed with modern elements, and Waterloo is simply one of the most boring places I've ever seen. Montreal, however, was built by both modern designs and beautiful European style decorations. It is truly mind-blowing being able to see those two elements gently integrated into one another.

Montreal, QC
The Italian restaurant is located in downtown
We met with our friend, and we went to this Italian restaurant that served amazing Italian food. It was the kind of restaurant where you could bring your preferred wine in and have your meal accompanied with it.

The service was good yet sluggish. We ordered our meal at 18:30, and we had to wait until 19:30 to get our food served.

The taste was above average, and food came in very large portion. Me and my friend both weren't able to finish our orders.

Spaghetti Bolognese
Nice bread
Salmon Pasta
Appetizer soup

Nice wine

As mentioned, there wasn't much to talk about since it was already late when we arrived. BUT! Look forward towards tomorrow, there will be WAY MORE photos to share!

Have a nice day!

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