December 26, 2011

[Montreal] Before Trip

Beautiful port city, freezing climate in winter, convenient public transit and underground network. These were some of my first impressions towards Montreal, the city located in southern Quebec province.

Life is not as hard as it seems; with a harsh term slipping through again, time flew away and holiday season came. Our proposed travel to one of the most beautiful cities in the world had been planned, and the time is ahead. To unleash all the pressure accumulated over the past four months, we decided to get ourselves away from Waterloo and drive to Montreal.

Life will be all bright and beautiful for the next 4 days, I suppose.

So, why Montreal?

We don't know, and we have no plan to reason it out. Maybe we just wanted to get out of Ontario, or maybe we just wanted to enjoy our post-Christmas holidays in a different city. Maybe we wanted try out living in a city that is strongly affected by European culture, or maybe we are just bunch of insane kids wanting to torture ourselves with the forecasted "feels-like" minus thirty degrees Celsius weather.

Doesn't matter. We are all ready to enjoy this upcoming travel.

Montreal is a city strongly affected by French culture. The buildings, the streets, the atmosphere, even the primary language. People speaks French upon greeting, but most of them are proficient with English as well. The city also supports one of the best universities in Canada, McGill University.

This trip will be composed of four members including me. All of us are friends from the University of Waterloo. The main method of transportation would be vehicle (we will be renting a car and taking a 7-hour drive from Waterloo to Montreal), but within downtown Montreal we might be using subway or our own legs if the weather goes too extreme.

p.s. Although I mentioned that this would be a 4-day trip, since we are driving to and from Montreal, there will be only two days when we could actually get to explore around the city.

Have a nice day, and wish you a merry x'mas!

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